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Intelligent Auto Mode
Automatically adjusts the best shooting conditions

With Intelligent Auto mode, snapping a perfect photo is a breeze. For a start, it helps you determine the most ideal settings for different scenes. Intelligent Auto mode also combines the innovative technologies of Intelligent Auto Focus, Motion Detection and Intelligent Scene Recognition to ensure that you get beautiful photos, even in challenging conditions like low-light or backlit environments.


720P HD Movie Recording
Record and playback stunning movies

Besides stunning still photos, you can also capture spectacular high definition movies at 30fps and 1280 x 720p resolution with Cyber-shot W620. Just a quick flick of the mode dial instantly switches between photo and movie settings, making this feature remarkably easy to use. You can then view your stunningly detailed HD movies and still images on HD TV or upload them to your computer or the Internet with ease. With the supplied Picture Motion Browser, you can also easily edit and create your own exciting HD movies.


360º Sweep Panorama
Capture your surrounding environment in a single shot

To capture breathtaking 360º panoramic shots of your environment, simply sweep your camera horizontally in a circular motion. The photos will be seamlessly stitched together to create one spectacular 360º panoramic image.

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