Sony Cyber-shot HX60 30x Superzoom Compact

by Sony
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If you liked the HX50 then you’re sure to love the HX60. You’ve got to—it’s almost exactly the same. In fact, 2014’s HX60 only differs in appearance from last year’s HX50 in three ways. On the black model, the accessories shoe now has a chrome-effect finish rather than a black paint job. The name “DSC-HX60” has been added to the bottom of the camera’s left-hand edge, just to make sure that you know you’re using this year’s model. And finally, the “Custom” button has been replaced with an “Fn” button for access to the Quick Menu. Plus, anyone who found the HX50 a bit too chunky isn’t going to be any more impressed with the HX60, as Sony’s 2014 model is the least slim of all this year's 30x superzoom compacts.

 We like the colours here, but skin tones are grainy, even in bright light at ISO 80 – 1/160s, f/5.6, ISO 80, 112mm (equivalent) 



There isn't much to separate the Sony cameras for image quality, either. The HX60 has a clear advantage for distant subjects thanks to its huge 30x zoom, and focus was reasonably sharp throughout the zoom range. However, noise reduction struggled to make sense of out-of-focus areas of the frame, so while the main subject in telephoto shots looked pretty good, the background often had an over-processed appearance. Flash-lit portraits were nicely exposed but photos took on a yellow tint under household lighting, and exhibited a lot of noise. A Multi-Frame NR mode captured and combined four exposures to minimise noise in low light, but while this is enabled automatically in Superior Auto mode, it's not so quick to access in Program mode.

Details aren't so impressive here, especially in the dense foliage in the background – 1/160s, f/6.3, ISO 160, 134mm (equivalent) 

There's lots of crisp detail from corner to corner in this wide-angle shot – 1/200s, f/3.5, ISO 80, 24mm (equivalent) 

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