iNNjoo E1 10000mAh Power Bank

by InnJoo
65.00 SR

Delivery  : 35 SAR Express (48 - 72 Hours)
Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  Product   : 100% Geniuine/Original item.


The best of its kind! 

This power bank is optimized for charging efficiently. The Innjoo E1 is more durable than other power banks with a very stable discharging voltage. 

The Innjoo E1 is designed with safety features and Gadget protection in mind, you can be sure your devices are protected from any damages.

The exact same technology the Macbook Pro surface uses.
The compression, water and corrosion resistant surface was designed so as to enable everyday use. 

E1 will automatically adjust the output power based on your smart devices, even some digital cameras. 
Game all day without worrying about your battery running  out.

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