High Resolution IR Cylinderical CCTV Camera(PR-1046V)

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SAR. 350.00

Delivery Charges 35 SAR & takes 3 - 5 Days To Saudi Arabia

PR 1000 IR series is an ideal choice for all major night tasks and all possible low light areas. The series always delivers clear color and high-contrast pictures. The IR LED’s are selected in such a way that it offers perfect images in the ambient lighting & without picture distortion. The LED wavelengths of 850nm are installed in the camera so that the LED’s generate a maximum illumination range and reduce the cost of using extra illuminators. The series is provided with Highest grade of CCTV lenses with perfect image quality , excellent Contrast, crystal sharpness, natural color, true background & foreground image quality.

The housings have the protection rating of IP67 and are well prepared for all tasks out in the open atmosphere. Whether in day-long heavy rain, or the hottest summer days up to 59°C ,the camera always operates at full effectiveness. The series offers a perfect Plug and play operation with ease of installation. A digital signal processing chipset and a high signal-to-noise ratio improves image control and provides an image with high sensitivity, high anti-blooming control and low smear.

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