CCTV Vandal Proof Dome Camera (PR-300)

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400.00 SR

Delivery  : 35 SAR Express (48 - 72 Hours)
Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  Product   : 100% Geniuine/Original item.

series of metal housing dome cameras are designed for all sorts of risk application as the material used for such type of dome cameras has been chosen as reinforced, coated polycarbonate with high impact resistance & hard aluminum base that cannot be dis-assembled by vandalism. These designs give camera a high tamper/vandal resistance factor making it perfect for outdoor use in many situations where a lesser resistant camera wouldn't last. A 4-9mm Vari-focal lens gives it increased versatility.

The variety of designs make it suitable for various applications depends on the choice of location as well as specifications needed. PRT 500N is perfectly designed for low light conditions and its design makes it suitable for locations limited to add some special brackets while as PR 480VP is a perfect Vandal Proof camera that can even resist the hammer blow while as PR 300 is designed for major indoor applications, so these cameras cover all series of risks prone that can occur by vandalism

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