CCTV MINI DOME CAMERA, High Resolution Mini Dome, PR-733 EMD

SAR. 349.99

Delivery  : 35 SAR Express (48 - 72 Hours)
Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  Product   : 100% Geniuine/Original item.


PROLINE UK, PR 733 EMD is a mini super high resolution CCTV camera made up of super high quality Acrylic housing suitable for almost every indoor application This camera have many advanced features that makes it perfect for many surveillance settings. It is a ready to go at first instance as it is built with I-POOM (Initialization-programme & Optimized Option Master) feature that insures all camera settings are optimized for most placements. Its size is very small just 3.7-inches in base diameter thereby it can be placed almost anywhere. This camera contains the Sony CCD & Sony Chipset which gives it advanced image processing edge that delivers a sharp, accurately reproduced image. Since the camera is incorporated with OSD feature that gives a window to the users for the multiple number of advanced features.

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